Metal Tins: The Top Packaging Pick for EU Consumers

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Which packaging material is capturing consumers’ fancy? A fresh survey indicates a tilt towards metal packaging, particularly tinplate and aluminium. The investigation, led by Eviosys, discloses that 63% of buyers identify metal packaging as a greener packaging solution, overshadowing the prevalent plastic packaging.

The 2024 dossier further divulges that a staggering 90% of European enterprises are either pouring money into or scrutinising sustainable packaging solutions.

What Makes Metal Packaging a Hit with Customers?

From the lens of sustainability, metal takes the crown. A remarkable 80% of utilised metal stays in the loop and is less likely to add to the continent’s landfill issue. A noteworthy 94% of consumers confess that the environmental merits of metal packaging sway their shopping choices. But sustainability is just one facet of the story.

Metal packaging also ranks high on resilience, ensuring product safety during transit and beyond. Consumers often discover alternate uses for metal packaging, with metal tins commonly repurposed for jewellery storage.

Visually appealing, aluminium and tinplate containers are a sight for sore eyes and are bound to pique consumers’ interest. Studies suggest that goods encased in metal packaging are viewed as luxury items or ones that meet higher quality benchmarks.

Overcoming Business Hurdles

Despite the evident advantages, enterprises grapple with obstacles when transitioning from other packaging types like plastic containers.

For 33% of enterprises, cost is the main stumbling block. While metal packaging is cost-efficient, the expenditure isn’t confined to the containers. Aspects like customer education and marketing initiatives contribute to the overall cost. Other enterprises point out material availability (14%) and supply chain complications (19%) as crucial factors when modifying their packaging preferences.

Nonetheless, the stride towards sustainability is relentless. It’s forecasted that 45% of enterprises will migrate to 100% recyclable packaging by 2027, and by the close of the next decade, 90% of firms will adopt this shift.

This trend isn’t startling as policymakers, environmentalists, and marketing pundits agree that sustainable packaging is vital for meeting future carbon targets.
When it comes to recyclability, only two materials offer a limitless solution: Glass and metal. All other materials will ultimately turn into waste.

Our Exceptional Metal Packaging

At Tinware Direct, we present a broad array of metal packaging in diverse sizes and designs. Our aluminium tins, favoured for enclosing cosmetic items like creams, soaps, and select foods, are a customer favourite.

Alternatively, our tinplate cans are the go-to choice for a wide range of products, from candles to dry food, powders, pet food, and much more.
We’re committed to aiding enterprises across all sectors to step into the circular economy with genuinely sustainable packaging. Connect with our team today to find out more.

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