Learn 10 Tricks To Captivate Customers With Your Product Packaging

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Bespoke sweet packaging with a cardboard selection box

Choosing the right packaging design is always a key task when preparing a new product for the market. Why is this? 

The design, style, appearance, shape, colour and size all play a part in determining whether or not a customer chooses your product. People do choose a book based on the cover and 7 in 10 customers will select a product based on their first impression. 

With this in mind, let’s explore the 10 packaging design factors that will help your product win over any audience. 

1. Logo 

First, think about your logo. It’s probably the first detail a customer will notice. That’s why you need to spend time designing a logo which appeals to your target audience and helps your product stand out. Think carefully about your use of colours and the font as well as the imagery that is used as the basis of your logo. Remember, a logo is far more likely to be remembered compared with the name of a company a customer has interacted with for the first time. 

2. Personalisation

Customers are keen to purchase products that feel more personalised and specific to them. There are numerous ways that you can add this level of personalisation. For instance, you might want to think about including a personal note for your customers and clients. This could simply say thank you or it might provide them with a reward for choosing your product. Anything like this is going to make your product and your packaging stand out more. 

3. Colour 

We briefly mentioned colour with regards to the logo displayed on your packaging. However, it is important to stress how crucial the right colour choices are. Indeed, some research suggests that colour is the most important feature of packaging design and will lead to an immediate decision about your product. Different colours can alter the perception of not just your product but your overall brand. 

4. Research

When you are launching a product, it’s important to research your audience and the market carefully. We recommend looking at as much data as possible before launching a product or investing in new packaging for an existing product that you are already selling. Furthermore, you should also research your competitors. Once you understand how  your main competition is handling the market, you can decide whether to follow them or to explore a new direction entirely. 

5. Uniqueness 

If your product looks and feels unique, it is far more likely to make an impact with customers shopping for the products that you’re selling. For instance, you might want to think about investing in bespoke packaging. The main advantages of bespoke solutions are that they provide a premium feel and design which is perfect if you are catering to a high-end audience or if you want to sell your products at a higher price.

You can create packaging with numerous captivating features including:

  • Printed lids
  • Embossed interiors
  • Colourful images
  • Unique shapes

6. Messaging 

Don’t fall into the trap of making your product a mystery. While this can lead to an enticing and compelling guerrilla marketing strategy, it won’t be suitable for most products. Customers like to know exactly what they are purchasing, particularly if they haven’t ordered anything from your business before. As such, your labelling and overall design should add to the understanding customers have of the product in question. You can also use it to create key perceptions about your business and your overall brand. 

7. Target 

Make sure that you select a design that matches your target audience specifically. For instance, if you are exploring different types of sustainable packaging, it’s important to select a material which appeals to your users. For instance, cardboard tubes are widely viewed as the most favourable choice for eco-conscious consumers. Other customers may prefer a tinplate packaging as it suggests luxury as well as a quality solution. 

8. Imagery 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and this is absolutely true in the world of marketing. A picture will make your product more appealing and suggest key ideas about your brand. It can also mean that your packaging becomes something of a collectors item. Countless brands have used imagery to transform simple packaging solutions into a must-have purchase. 

9. Explore Trends 

Packaging trends change throughout the year. For instance, during the festive season, customers are more likely to purchase products with packaging that has a festive design. Why is this? Well, quite simply, festive designs make customers happy and remind them of Christmas. While you still need to put time and research into the final design, the right bespoke festive packaging can easily improve sales for your company. It’s not just Christmas either. Through summer, you can use warmer colours for your designs to match the season. Or, you can explore different shapes to match key occasions like egg-shaped packaging at easter. 

10. Be Green

Finally, today, it’s more important than ever that businesses do achieve the right sustainability standards. As you might have guessed, product packaging design does have an impact here. Choose your materials carefully to create the best possible impression. For instance, aluminium packaging has become a popular alternative to plastic in the cosmetic industry. Unlike plastic, aluminium packaging can be repurposed and reused countless times. In Europe, the overall preferred choice is compostable packaging. We stock industrial compostable stand-up pouches, perfect for a wide range of products including powders, sweets, coffee, and tea. 

We hope this guide helps you unlock the true power of a brilliant packaging design. If you are interested in learning more, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our sales team. They will always help you discover the perfect packaging for your product.

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