The Rhubarb Candle Company

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The Rhubarb Candle Company Candle Tin Packaging

The Rhubarb Candle Company creates candles in a variety of scents using a specific tin style. The family run business always strives to ensure that their products meet the highest quality standards. They also only use cotton wicks and natural soy wax to create their candles. 

The Challenge

The company contacted us about our bespoke service as they were interested in having their lids debossed. Ultimately they decided to purchase our stock tins as customise them with labels. The business noted our bespoke solutions could be an avenue they would be interested in exploring in the future as they continue to grow. 

The Solution

We supplied tin packaging to The Rhubarb Candle Company as they felt this was the ideal solution for their needs. It enabled them to create high quality candles at a cost effective price.

Response From Rhubarb Candle Company:

‘’I chose Tinware as we were recommended it for supplying good quality tins, in a range of style and sizes. I have and would recommended you to people, I have given your details to 3 people and think your products are fantastic and the shipping time is very good.’’

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