The Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company

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The Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company

The Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company specialises in delivering innovative products to clients which are not available anywhere else on the market. Specifically, they strive to create local seafood products that beautifully represent everything customers love and understand about the seaside. 

The Mission

The company was eager to source packaging to match their Captain Cat's Môr seasoning - a product which Marks & Spencers was eager to stock.  The packaging also needed to be sustainable and ethically produced. 

Our Solution

We knew it was important to develop a tin that matched the company's unique selling proposition perfectly. Our own sustainability and ethical policies also already fitted with the company's requirements.

As the product needed to be loose inside the tin, the packaging needed to be air-tight. We selected a lever lid and provided guidance as Pembrokeshire created their first every metal packaging product. Sample were produced so that the company could find the right colour and test the tin before it was put into production.

Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company's Response:

"The customer service you receive from Tinware is exceptional, you can trust that they will do their best for you and your product, and they let you know what’s happening every step of the way.”

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