Lantern Candles

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Lantern Candles

The Mission

Lantern Candles, is a UK company that was launched to sell a fantastic range of scented, vegan soy wax candles. The owner of the business, Jane, hand creates the candles and guarantees and exceptional standard of quality on each product sold. 

Jane began her business after taking a candle making class where she found her passion. To sell her new products to customers, she needed to find the right candle tin packaging that was cost effective, durable, sustainable and beautiful.

Lantern Candles, candle tin with gift bag.
Latern Candles Blueberry Vanilla Crush scented candle in a lever lid tin.

Our Solution

Originally, Jane tried glass but quickly discovered this wasn't durable enough and was quite heavy which added to transportation costs. To solve these issues, she opted for a metal product which led her to our team. We provided a range of samples so she could find the perfect metal packaging for her product. After extensive research, Jane opted for a lever tin. Since using this product she has received a fantastic response from her customers. 

Jane's Response:

"The 'tin candle' is so popular, and I always receive positive feedback at the craft fairs I attend. My customers love it and so do I. It keeps my fragranced candles fresh until you want to light them, and combined with my product labels it looks amazing. Thank you Tinware Direct for helping to shape my company"

Gorgeous Grapefruit candle tin by Lantern Candles

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