Campbells Shortbread

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Cambells Shortbread classic car packaging

The Challenge

Campbells has been making shortbread since 1830 and is the oldest bakery in Scotland. As a heritage brand, the company focuses on creating premium shortbread for the gift market and exports its products across the globe.

Campbells concerntrates on developing a number of unique product lines for its shortbread. It sees the packaging itself as an integral part of the overall appeal to consumers. The designs of the tins are specific to an individual audience and Tinware Direct has worked with Campbells to develop all its ranges from the His & Her Collection through to a novelty bus tin.

Cambpells classic car shortbread tin.
Campbells 3D embossed tin packaging.

Our Solution

A deep 3D emboss technique can be used to give packaging a sense of movement. For Campbells classic car collection, we used this deep emboss so that each car appeared to be driving forward to meet you off the packaging itself.

For their luxury tin range a classic design using rich colours and heavy embossing makes the product tactile, inviting consumers to touch and helping the tins stand out on the shelf at point-of-sale.

The unique design of Campbells tins alongside the reusability of tin itself combines to encourage consumers to purchase and collect full product lines.

 Campbells Shortbread's Response:

"As a long time satisfied customer of Tinware Direct, I can say that the service has been impeccable, with no missed deliveries over many years and I would recommend them, without reservation, to anyone looking for a reliable and well-priced tin supplier."

Embossed tin packaging for Campbells Shortbread.

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